Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time Thief

There is a time thief in my world. I work less than I have in years; my bank account is suffering but talk of money is boring. I have projects lined up around the house just waiting for me to begin. They are interesting and inspiring projects but I don't have time to start.

I think there are two time thieves in my world. One is the internet. It sucks my time like a young vampire sucks blood. I am a willing victim as an information junkie, this medium was made for me. "I'll look it up!" is a daily almost hourly phrase in my evenings. Silly supposedly brain training games eat my time; I feel closer to addiction playing Bejeweled than I ever have in my life. When the system has been down, I feel the need for a fix and when it can't be met, I move to a facsimile game just to get a hit.

My other time thief is living on an island. I seem to have more appointments in town than I have had in the past. Whether it's the doctor, the dentist, the alternative medical woman, bloodwork, meetings, job interviews, catching up with city friends - I'm in town almost weekly. A 15 minute doctor appointment takes a minimum of 6 hours: line-up and wait for the ferry, the ferry ride, the drive into the city, the appointment; while waiting for the next boat back to the island, might as well use time wisely and run some errands: groceries, gifts for others, buying things you can't get on the island, finding better selections, etc.

These time thieves are bothering me a great deal these days. I feel that I am not using my time effectively, blaming myself and my inadequate planning of my free time but I think it's the thieves not me.

I feel that a decision is looming: status quo or make a move. Rural bliss or city stimulation. The idyllic island life with nothing but time to spare is a myth for me. Is it me or my situation? Could I find more time in the city with all its stimulation and diversion? This is my dilemma, the decision to ponder, my future choice.