Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time Thief

There is a time thief in my world. I work less than I have in years; my bank account is suffering but talk of money is boring. I have projects lined up around the house just waiting for me to begin. They are interesting and inspiring projects but I don't have time to start.

I think there are two time thieves in my world. One is the internet. It sucks my time like a young vampire sucks blood. I am a willing victim as an information junkie, this medium was made for me. "I'll look it up!" is a daily almost hourly phrase in my evenings. Silly supposedly brain training games eat my time; I feel closer to addiction playing Bejeweled than I ever have in my life. When the system has been down, I feel the need for a fix and when it can't be met, I move to a facsimile game just to get a hit.

My other time thief is living on an island. I seem to have more appointments in town than I have had in the past. Whether it's the doctor, the dentist, the alternative medical woman, bloodwork, meetings, job interviews, catching up with city friends - I'm in town almost weekly. A 15 minute doctor appointment takes a minimum of 6 hours: line-up and wait for the ferry, the ferry ride, the drive into the city, the appointment; while waiting for the next boat back to the island, might as well use time wisely and run some errands: groceries, gifts for others, buying things you can't get on the island, finding better selections, etc.

These time thieves are bothering me a great deal these days. I feel that I am not using my time effectively, blaming myself and my inadequate planning of my free time but I think it's the thieves not me.

I feel that a decision is looming: status quo or make a move. Rural bliss or city stimulation. The idyllic island life with nothing but time to spare is a myth for me. Is it me or my situation? Could I find more time in the city with all its stimulation and diversion? This is my dilemma, the decision to ponder, my future choice.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Clean Eating

I've been on a cleanse since mid-July. I started it to better my health, kick start weight loss and improve things inside and outside. It's been a roller coaster of tiredness, resistance, revelation and reconciliation. Now I'm eating protein, fruits and vegetables and a bit of high quality organic probiotic yoghurt. Yah know, it's not bad. It takes more thought. I think days ahead when planning my grocery purchases. I'm not usually a daily meat eater so now I'm shopping in that corner of the store searching for good quality fish, chicken, bison and occasional 'other' meats. Restaurants are a challenge. So much is 'with bread' or chips or pasta. But overall I've become more concsious of my consumption. I'm 'prescribed' to keep it up for another 3 weeks. I've bought too many expensive supplements and will use them up then re-assess. It's a program that I think I could maintain for most of my life with the occasional (weekly or couple of times a week) 'event' of going out for dinner, to the pub for a burger, beer and fries. Might just work.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Breakfast

I'm not eating wheat for a bit. I know, I know, it sounds trendy and like I'm following the band wagon but it's not for any allergies, diagnosed digestive ailments. I'm on a cleanse to see what happens to my body with the elimination of certain foods. No booze, no coffee, no processed foods, no flour, no wheat products. Brown rice, fruit, vegetables, fat, protein, organic probiotic yoghurt. It's not so bad in the summer. It would be dreadful in the root vegetable season. I'm enjoying bowls of cherries.
So breakfast has no toast or cereal and I'm not sure if potatoes are 'legal' so I only consume them occasionally.
My boss is away and she had a crop of arugula which inspired my summer breakfast. A poached egg laid on a bed or arugula, great good quality bacon fried crisp and then lightly fried tomatoes. Pour the bacon fat over the arugula drizzle with balsamic and there's a lovely treat. Almost didn't miss the stack of multigrain toast.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The best most simple summer soup

Too many zucchinis? Too many zucchinis! How about the simplest summer soup that takes rich and lovely. I'll do it all in approximate throw together quantities since that's how I usual cook.
3 or 4 small zucchini
2 cloves of garlic
Saute these in some olive oil in a soup pot for about 10 minutes. Don't brown the zuccs.
Add a few cups of vegetable broth and simmer another 10 minutes.
I added some fresh basil, salt and pepper.
Food processor the heck out of it until it's smooth.
Put it back in the pot.
Process some soft tofu and soya milk to smooth.
Stir it into the zucchini.
It's simple. It's good for you and it uses up those darn zucchinis.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Spanx Experience

I broke down and followed the trend and purchased a pair of Spanx. They are actually Spanx knock-offs, yellow brand Spanx if you will, Body Wrap to be specific. I bought them because I wanted to cover my gut, tighten it in. I don't have a muffin-top I have a loaf of bread below the bust and above the waist.
I have memories of my mother's girdles. White, rubbery with those funny little tabs connecting hose to the girdle. Memories of yanking it on over the ass and slapping it up to the waist. Here I am about the age that she probably began wearing a girdle, in my own new millenium version, less rubbery but still constricting.
One great thing about the 2009 girdle is that it works the core. Being held in like a tight package encourages me to tighten my abdominal muscles throughout the day. I'm already held in so I have the physical support to assist my muscles hold it all in. It was great!
The odd thing was the desire to touch my own ass. It's smooth, it's relatively high and there no panty lines anywhere. It fascinates me and I want to keep checking myself out all day long.
Am I progressing or regressing? I am accepting or denying? It's cheaper than plastic surgery.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Sometimes you see a performance and it's spectacular, a band you love or a veteran artist in her prime. Sometimes you see a performance by an artist that you've never heard; he may be young and his talent may need refining but there's something there. There's a spark, a potential, a striking presence and you know that you'll be hearing more from this guy. I saw Michael Bernard Fitzgerald at the Calgary Folk Festival last weekend. I didn't know who he was; I'm not his target market; his audience probably women under 30 (I may be female but I'm well over that hill now) but his songs stayed with me and he made a mark on my musical chart. It was more than his catchy pop tunes, it was a charming, boyish, self-deprecating humour that caught us all. On Sunday morning, a grey day when the weather turned, he had the audience on their feet and dancing for 'Brand New Spaces'; I didn't realize until I saw the low-budget but happy warm hearted video on You Tube, that everyone at the festival concert knew the dance from the video. That stomp, clap routine united us all like the Makarana but way more genuine, heartfelt, uplifting and Canadian.
There are too many "oh oh oh's" in his tunes but keep an eye on this guy. He's got guts, spirit and talent to take him far. He rented the Jack Singer concert Hall in Calgary for the launch of his CD in June and at one point had 120 musicians, dancers and artists sharing the stage with him - so he's a smart marketer to boot!
Check out his website, look for the videos, check him out live it you can and then you can say 'I saw him when...'

Sunday, November 2, 2008

to start

I'll start with my fortune, my luck, my situation. Friends, work, family, circumstances and situation - I feel very lucky although lucky is not the correct word. I feel blessed without the religious connotations. I believe that I am an active participant in my good fortune. My choices, my meandering course of life have led me to where I am now.