Sunday, September 12, 2010

Clean Eating

I've been on a cleanse since mid-July. I started it to better my health, kick start weight loss and improve things inside and outside. It's been a roller coaster of tiredness, resistance, revelation and reconciliation. Now I'm eating protein, fruits and vegetables and a bit of high quality organic probiotic yoghurt. Yah know, it's not bad. It takes more thought. I think days ahead when planning my grocery purchases. I'm not usually a daily meat eater so now I'm shopping in that corner of the store searching for good quality fish, chicken, bison and occasional 'other' meats. Restaurants are a challenge. So much is 'with bread' or chips or pasta. But overall I've become more concsious of my consumption. I'm 'prescribed' to keep it up for another 3 weeks. I've bought too many expensive supplements and will use them up then re-assess. It's a program that I think I could maintain for most of my life with the occasional (weekly or couple of times a week) 'event' of going out for dinner, to the pub for a burger, beer and fries. Might just work.