Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Breakfast

I'm not eating wheat for a bit. I know, I know, it sounds trendy and like I'm following the band wagon but it's not for any allergies, diagnosed digestive ailments. I'm on a cleanse to see what happens to my body with the elimination of certain foods. No booze, no coffee, no processed foods, no flour, no wheat products. Brown rice, fruit, vegetables, fat, protein, organic probiotic yoghurt. It's not so bad in the summer. It would be dreadful in the root vegetable season. I'm enjoying bowls of cherries.
So breakfast has no toast or cereal and I'm not sure if potatoes are 'legal' so I only consume them occasionally.
My boss is away and she had a crop of arugula which inspired my summer breakfast. A poached egg laid on a bed or arugula, great good quality bacon fried crisp and then lightly fried tomatoes. Pour the bacon fat over the arugula drizzle with balsamic and there's a lovely treat. Almost didn't miss the stack of multigrain toast.